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PostSubject: SAR CLAN BYLAWS   SAR CLAN BYLAWS EmptyThu Mar 22, 2012 8:30 am


Article 1: Parliamentary Authority (Well we have to get it out of the way just so it is here)

"The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the Society in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order the Society may adopt."

Article 2: Ranks (Makes sure everyone knows who is where.)

Rank ups can be done by the method specified on the specific rank, or by a contest involving other members of the clan (such as a head to head or command and conquer) as well as that rank may be given if the individual shows that they obviously have the skills for the advanced rank. All rank ups will be witnessed by a member of the council. Under no circumstances may any member of SAR give themselves a rank up. These rank ups will be held in a closed room, with a standard blaster rifle. There is a two week delay between ranking from one level to the next. Also, the statistics to rank up are to graduate from the rank they are listed on. These statistic rank ups are currently for Star Wars Battlefront 1. We will be coming up with a table with additional information and the rank ups for BF2, BF2:MC and Midnight Club.
Padawan: This is the entry level rank for all new members. At this level you will be mentored and introduced to the Academy for training. A tentative test out for this level will be to achieve 100 kills with AI set on medium difficulty. You also may be ranked up by a member of the council. Shown as {SAR}*P*Yourname on your tags and forum ID.

Private = New addition to SAR

Shadowhand = Vice president of clan voted into position
Dark Lord = president of clan voted in.

***There are other options for ranking up as well as what is listed.

Command and Conquer: The individual wishing to rank up will request a command and conquer. In this event the individual will attempt to capture command posts from other members of SAR and EOP. The event will be set up with 666 reinforcements on Citadel. The member will take the command post that they wish to start at, then the other members will take over all other command posts. Once the last command post is taken, the event begins. The individual ranking up will attempt to take over a command post by any means. If one of the guarding members is killed, they may only respawn at the command post if the attacker has been killed. Once the individual takes over a command post, the guard may respawn and help defend another command post. The participant is successful in receiving the rank up if they are able to capture all but one of the other command posts, or in the event that the event is overly difficult due to the members that are involved, the rank up may still be granted depending on the effort and persistance of the individual making the attempt.

One on One: The participant may request doing a one on one battle against a member of the EOP Council or a SAR Sith Lord. This event will be a one on one battle in the hallways of Bespin Cloud City. This event is subjective based on the Sith Lord feeling that the other member has the skills to properly perform as the rank they are wishing to rank up to. This will be by far the hardest rank up method.

Article 3: Specialty Positions

Our specialty positions are designed to provide a solid structure for the clan. We have established this in an attempt to ensure that the clan has the structure to grow rapidly and prosper. As per the vote of the council, the specialty positions will be 6 month positions. An individual may hold office for two terms in a row, with at least a 6 month break after their second term. The concurrent terms is only relevant to a specific position. An individual can run for another position (emperor can run for Jedi Academy Dean etc).Specialty positions may only be held by members of the council at the time of elections unless voted on by the council. Also, an individual is only allowed to hold one specialty position at a time (beginning December 2006.)
The Emperor is the leader of the clan. He oversees all aspects of the clan as well as the Sith Council. It is he who is the odd man in the council in order to work as the official tie-breaker.

It is the historians job to record events for the clan. To keep track of them as well as to make sure that the history of the clan is well presented.

Jedi Academy Dean:
The Dean of the Jedi Academy is responsible for ensuring that our new recruits are adequately trained and prepared for their next steps in the clan. The Dean is responsible for updating the manuals, scheduling training, assigning Sith Lords and Jedi Masters to students etc. The Dean is responsible for scheduling training sessions and ensuring that rooms are hosted.

Member Liason:
The Member Liason is responsible for ensuring that our members are satisfied with their experience with in the clan and are getting fair and equal treatment.

Along with the historian, it is the secretary’s job to record what goes on with and for the clan. When a clerical task is necessary, it is the secretary’s duty to ensure that it is done. Also responsible for keeping copies (either hard or electronic) of SAR documents.

The Treasurer is responsible for collection of funds for the clan, keeping the books and making what payments may be required. Would over see everything that comes from the clans account. Provides financial reporting at least once a month.

SAR Diplomat:
The diplomat is responsible for relations with other clans. He/she will field any problems or issues that other clans or individuals may have with us. This position may also have assistants from lower ranking members that will be given moderator status to the diplomats offices. Due to the raw number of other clans, the number of assistants will be up to the diplomat.

Technology Specialist:
An appointed position to offer technical support to clan members and to work on special projects. This is the only non-elected position and is semi-permanant. The individual holding this position may run for other specialty positions.

Article 4: Member Online Conduct

Please refrain from constant useless chatter during matches. During these times is the few times that we have to be serious and try to get the job done.

DO NOT play music over your mic! This is a glitcher’s tactic and it causes lagging any SAR member found abusing this will be reported to the council for membership review.

DO NOT use glitches while playing in any rooms (unless they are locked, then have at it and have fun.) Anyone glitching in an unlocked room will be brought before the council for review.

Be as respectful as possible to all members of SAR and others. Face it, we are here to have fun and it is easier to set up clan battles and additional matches if we are on friendly terms with others.

If you are provoked into a hostel verbal exchange with anyone please report this to the council for review.

Vehicle Usage
Absolutely no vehicles are to be used on ground troop stages. It is expected that SAR members have the skills to annihilate the competition with out needing to use a vehicle.

Exceptions to the rule are as follows:
When in a locked room and the intent is to use vehicles has been made and agreed upon by all present SAR members.
When on a stage where AI are using the vehicles. You may engage in vehicle on vehicle fights. No intentional attacks on ground troops will be tolerated i.e. spawn killing and so forth.
If your side is in dire circumstances such as vastly out numbered (by other human players.)
When you are undergoing training in order to better understand the weaknesses and strengths of the vehicles
When at war
When SAR or EOP are at war with another clan, members are expected to not play on the same side as a member of the other clan or any of their allies. It is also expected that our members will openly target these individuals.

Other Clans Forums
When any SAR member is showing their tags on another clans website, or while playing any other game, they will do their best to present SAR in a positive manner. We expect everyone to be professional and let their fighting do the talking for them. You are to always be respectful on other clans forums and not allow our problems and issues to be brought out elsewhere. Anyone violation of this rule will be given one warning. After that, you will be up for review of being booted from the clan.

We take it very seriously when we schedule events. Especially with other clans. It is expected that if you sign up or agree to participate that you are there. If it is an emergency and you do not show at all, we expect that as soon as possible you post an apology for not making it. If at all possible, notify either the organizer of the battle or one of the alternates that should be scheduled to be on the ready, as soon as you know you will not make it. Sith Lords and Jedi Masters that are no shows with out a good excuse will be demoted one rank on their first violation. Lower ranks will under go a three strikes policy. They will be warned for the first two violations and demoted on the third.

Article 5: Grievance Process

When a member of the clan or non-member of the clan has a grieveance against a clans member, the following process will be used to resolve the issue. The plaintiff will private message a member of the council(preferably the Member Liason) on the forums with the subject being "Grievance: Player Name". The following information will be copied and pasted into the message:

Player Name:
Date of offense
Description of Offense (Include Article and Paragraph # if this is a violation of the rules of conduct):
Once this has been completed and a member of the council has received the greivance, it will be posted under the investigation area of the council chambers. At this point, the Member Liason will contact the individual requesting a statement which is to include additional witnesses if possible. The Liason will then contact these witnesses if possible and ask for statements from them. Once this information has been gathered, it will be posted with the original grievance into the investigations section. A reccommendation for action will be posted in the Council Chambers for a discussion and vote by the council as to if action whould be taken and what action will be taken. The notifications of the situation will be handled by PM, unless the council feels that the situation warrants posting in the news or SAR clan section.


Article 6: General's Council

The Generals will consist of 12 Generals with the Emperor providing the tie breaking vote. Upon the clan not having 12 Generals, then the remaining seats will be filled by lower ranks voted upon the by the council. Once a player is promoted to the rank of General, if they are not currently on the council they will bounce the lowest rank, shortest membership time individual from the council. When the clan excedes 13 Generals, a general election will be held in order to choose who will be on the council. This election will be held concurrently with the election for specialty positions in the last week of June of each year and December of each year (for 6 month terms). Members of the General council can be removed from the council (requiring a replacement election), with a majority vote of the council.

All members of the General council will be granted admin rights to the forums.

Article 8:Server Operations

Any member of SAR may operate their own server. If password protected, for clan events, password needs to be listed in password section of forums

Individuals may be booted for the following reasons:
Vehicle spawn killing
Exceptionally high ping rate.
In order to make room for an SAR member to enter room if full.
Rocket Whoring, do to the limited skill involved with the rocket launcher, this is grounds for booting. Basically, if a player uses nothing but vanguards you may boot them.
If other clans wish to use our servers for events, if available they may be rented. Current rate is $5 donation to clan per 3hour event. In order to make arrangements by E-mailing the webmaster.

Article 9:Treasury

The treasury will be funded:

Amazon Commissions
e-shirt Commissions
Server rentals

Article 10: JOINING SAR

We have several methods of becoming a member:

Enlisting: Register on the forums and log fill out our requested information in our new recruits section.
Make yourself at home, become active on the forums and play in the SAR/EOP rooms online.
Two to three weeks after your initial contact and playing with the clan, the council will vote to approve of your recruitment. We realize this is a long drawn out
Once you have become a member, it is expected that you will change your name on the forums using your new clan ID including tag and rank. As you progress you will be able to change the name in your profile to reflect your rank. Part of the importance of the members list on the forums is that it enables us to have a running roster of all {SAR} members, allows you to receive Private messages from other clan members and encourages you to check back for late breaking news and any new scheduled events.
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